Brussels-based freelance consultant with a passion for data analysis and digital marketing.

The goal is to help companies and organizations to create the most efficient digital environment and implement marcom strategies, bringing in specialized skills and expertise as well as providing an external perspective and viewpoint.

Think both creatively an analytically.

Visibility, Acquisition, Interaction, Satisfaction & Conversion are our  keywords.


Our fields of expertise

  • Data Analyzis
  • Data cleaning
  • Data vizualization
  • R programming
  • Sql and spreadsheets s
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Lead generation
  • Data analysis
  • CRM optimization
  • Content marketing


The place to share some ideas or cases

Case Study : The chocolate bar ratings

Details/statement/methodology and appendix can be found at the .html R Markdown page Main questions : Where are the best cocoa beans grown? Which countries produce the highest-rated bars? What’s the relationship between cocoa solids percentage and rating Based on the Dataset compiled by Brady Brelinski, Founding Member of the Manhattan Chocolate Society. 3 charts from …


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